The Production Process: Editing
Lately, I've been finding myself using the phrase "buried under a pile of footage". What I really mean by this, is that we have spent so much time in production lately, that... Read More
Producing A Successful Kickstarter Video
We've been involved with several Kickstarter projects recently (and yes, we have blogged about it before!) and they all present their own unique challenges and difficulties.... Read More
Hypnotist Paul Ramsay’s Many Uses of Video
We've had a handful of irons in the fire with Hypnotist Paul Ramsay for several years now. Paul is a professional certified hypnotist with several important components of his... Read More
Anchor Line & Kona’s Korner @ Pax East
Every now and then, a production pops up that truly confirms for me that this is the field I was meant to be in. This past weekend was one of those occasions: Anchor Line... Read More
Growing Your Business With HD Video
With the constant and rapid growth of technology, businesses now have more ways than ever put themselves into the public light. It's practically unheard of for an... Read More



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