Creating Effective Ads: Super Bowl 2015
Another Super Bowl has come and gone followed by yet another week of chatter across the internet debating the best and worst commercials. It's a little strange to me that... Read More
Animation: It Isn’t Just For Kids.
Animation isnt just for kids. In a world so saturated with media and images, animation can be the perfect tool to make your message stand out. So, when exactly should you use... Read More
Intern Blog: My First Shoot
I recently accompanied the Anchor Line Team to the UNH Interoperability Lab (IOL) for my very first shoot. The project was to produce a short video that would communicate the... Read More
Being Redundant Isn’t Always a Bad Thing!
As I sit here typing this blog entry, the perspiration from my brow is dripping onto my keyboard. No, there isn't a problem with the heat in our office, I'm just recovering... Read More
One Storyboard, Two Stories
We were recently hired by RiverWoods Retirement Community in Exeter, New Hampshire to produce a video to support their mission statement. The video will be shown to... Read More



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