The Added Value of a Recap Video

We’re hired frequently for what we refer to as event coverage. Generally, a company comes to us and explains that they are hosting an event where one or more speakers will be delivering a presentation to an audience. We’re hired to film these presentations, typically from multiple angles, and deliver the videos in HD quality via the web. Sometimes they’re simply for archival purposes, and other times they’re hosted on the company’s website, blog, or social platforms. While capturing the content is the primary reason for hiring a competent video production company, many of our clients are recognizing the value of leveraging our services to capture the essence of the event through creative b-roll footage and candid comments from presenters, sponsors, and attendees, and presenting it in a short, compelling event recap segment.

Harmony Healthcare has brought us on for several years to document their annual “Symposium” event at Foxwoods Casino. While they could have simply hired us to record their keynote addresses and breakout sessions, they’re also thinking ahead to next year’s event, with the goal of improving each year. As a result, for the last two years, their deliverables have included full, multi camera coverage of their keynote presentations, and a great piece of promotional content that will encourage future potential attendees to, well, attend!

Our clients spend months, or even a year planning conferences, symposiums, and panel discussions. People travel from all over the globe to attend. They provide face time between business colleagues and clients that otherwise may not happen. The challenge is convincing people that it’s worth their time and money to commit to attending.  It’s critically important to show them where the value lies.

We live in an age where people gawk at a video longer than 90 seconds. We believe that an effective recap segment can be the most efficient way to not only show them what they missed, but to entice them to attend the next event. It’s not easy… It’s an art form that takes practice. The shear amount of video content from an event spanning a full day or multiple days (and multiple cameras) can be very daunting. Lucky for us (and out clients) we’ve got it down to a science!