The Production Process: Editing

Lately, I’ve been finding myself using the phrase “buried under a pile of footage”. What I really mean by this, is that we have spent so much time in production lately, that our editing process has become backed up. This isn’t abnormal… it happens occasionally, and it just means that we work especially hard and put in some extra hours to get caught up.

The actual process of editing, however, varies greatly for each project. Many productions are cut and dry: we shoot only what we’ll need, with the exact deliverable in mind. Others, we wind up with hours of footage which will serve multiple purposes.

Currently, we’re working on a project which included multiple interviews. Long ones. Some were one person, some were groups of 5 or 6 in a “round table” environment. These segments are to be shown at an upcoming event, and our client (who we love working with!) is so busy planning the event itself, that they’ve largely left the editing process up to us.

The value of a production team who can not only produce quality video content, but is also completely adaptable based on the needs of the the client, is priceless to me as a business owner. Because we go out of our way to fully understand the scope of the project, the intended outcome, and the end user, our hearts are really in each production. Our clients trust that, even if they don’t have the time, energy, or desire to contribute to the editing process, the video segments that we produce will reflect their professional brand, and will be well received.

We always welcome any direction or involvement from our clients in all parts of the production process, but I personally love that so many of them allow us creative freedom. Because they see the quality and creativity we continuously produce, so they know their deliverables will exceed their expectations!