Animation: It Isn’t Just For Kids.

Animation isn’t just for kids. In a world so saturated with media and images, animation can be the perfect tool to make your message stand out. So, when exactly should you use it?

Having trouble finding the perfect visual to illustrate what you want to say? Can’t shoot the video you need to bring your message to life? Animation allows you to start from scratch and design your own images, or let a professional do it for you based on your ideas.

Animation can liven up a video that includes lots of facts and figures and keep your audience engaged throughout the piece. Take a look at what Boston University Academy did with a few numbers and a little animation.

If you’re delivering a lot of information, use animation to emphasize the most important points of your message. Planet Fitness used animation to clearly highlight several deals in one video.

Don’t forget that animation doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can pick and choose moments within a video to animate. In this Ideation video, mixing mediums made for a more visually stimulating end result.