How Much Does a Video Cost? Well… It Depends.

Ever wonder about how a video production company or video creator arrives at the cost for creating your TV spot, brand film, social media video, or animation?

You might have heard people throw around figures like “$1750-$2500 for a half minute of video” or “$3000 – $5,000 per finished minute.” If you’re like me, figures like that leave you wondering, where on earth do these numbers come from?

At Anchor Line, we believe that estimating the cost of a video is a bit like crafting a recipe—it’s all about the quantity and quality of ingredients. From choosing the right camera and lenses, to the locations required, the crew needed to pull it off, and whether the project calls for motion graphics, color correction, and sound design and mix… each ingredient plays a role in the quality (and cost) of the soup.

When we meet with new potential clients, we want to learn about the goals and intentions for the video and the audience for the content. But we also want to know if there is a budget limit, or even a rough ballpark of what that client expects to invest.

Now, this isn’t a sneaky move designed to identify the top dollar amount you’re willing to spend so we can maximize our profit… It’s more like a quick way to see if we’re on the same wavelength… And if we are, it’ll give us an indication of how much value we can pack into your production.

We also like to ask if there are any videos you’ve seen lately that resonated with you—maybe it’s the style, the music, or the storytelling style. It’s like sharing your favorite playlist; it gives us a sneak peek into what you’re hoping to achieve. And if there’s a bit of a gap between your dreams and your budget, we’ll step in with some friendly guidance.

In an industry where it’s common to seek out the cheapest option, (and there are large agencies, small companies, and talented owner-operators all creating video content in different and unique ways), we recognize that Anchor Line will never be the cheapest option out of the gate… simply because we’re not looking for the least expensive way to get something done—we’re crafting our estimate based on setting the project up for success. So if you do have a sense of where you hope the budget lands, by all means, please share it with us! The last thing we want to do is waste anyone’s time.

In the end, if we’re the right partner for a potential client, that’s fantastic! And if we’re not, that’s okay too… Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that you walk away with a video you’re genuinely excited about–something that not only fits your budget but also performs as intended.

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