When To Use Your Actual Team In Your Company’s Video (And When To Think Twice!)

🎬 Are you preparing to produce a new video for your company or brand? Here’s some advice that might save you some time, money, and heartache.

Many companies who are developing brand films (or “about us” videos) leverage the storytelling mechanism of interviewing key stakeholders in the business. These folks are recognizable faces and they know the business, and their specific area of expertise, inside and out. It makes perfect sense for them to appear in the video.

But if you’re opting to use a “spokesperson” instead—someone who will speak directly to the viewer on behalf of the company—the logic above might not apply as well.

Here’s why: When the camera is up, bright lights are shining in your face, and you’re expected to read flawlessly from a teleprompter, it can be very intimidating. Not to mention, there are other people around who are waiting for you to nail it and move onto the next piece.

That’s why for this type of video, we often recommend hiring a professional actor with experience as an on-camera spokesperson.

You can select someone who looks the part, who will connect with your audience, and who will show up prepared and ready to roll. Their experience doing this kind of work will save save you time, and in our experience, often results in a better video.

It’s not dishonest… it’s smart!

Thankfully, at Anchor Line, we’re connected with the best casting professionals in the area who can help align us with the top talent for our clients’ brand films… And the icing on the cake? Casting is fun!

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