Here’s What The New Video AI Tools CAN’T Replace For Businesses

There are a lot of new, exciting AI tools that produce high quality video from text prompts. The technology is mind-blowing, and it’s becoming harder and harder to decipher what’s real from what’s not.

These tools certainly open some exciting doors for businesses who use video (or are looking to use video) regularly, however there’s an important aspect to video creation that remains uniquely human:

The art of storytelling.

The capturing of visuals is only one part of the production process, but structuring those visuals along with sound, and on-screen text or graphics in a way that creates a story arc and takes the viewer on a purposeful, intentional journey, is something that AI cannot pull off.

🎬 As a full service production company, you can bet that there are ways we at Anchor Line are leveraging AI to make our work better… but without the years of experience and uniquely human creativity that each member of our team brings to the table… our work would fall short in every way.

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