How to Help our Freelancers During Crisis Time

Ready for another COVID related piece of content? We aren’t either. But this one is important because it involves some of our favorite people who our production company depends on… freelancers and contractors.

Our heart breaks for all our hard working crew members during this uncertain time. Shoots are postponed, traditional production work has come to a halt, even big time TV shows and movies are going on hiatus. We understand that the movement to postpone is important for everyone’s health, but one unfortunate result is that a great deal of people are out of work indefinitely. That is really scary stuff… but we’ve got a few ways you can help (from the safety and comfort of your own couch!)

REACH OUT! Seriously. Financial support is helpful but, but if we can remind our colleagues who are self-employed that they are not alone, that goes a long way. Let them know you’re thinking of them!

SHARE! Many of our talented crew members have passion projects on the side. A documentary, short film, art installation, script, etc. Let’s use this down-time as an opportunity to share their work with our followers. These social shares may result in more work for them when things even out.

ADAPT! In an industry like film and video production, many of our crew members have more than one billable skill. If you have a specific need, reach out to the people you trust to see who’s interested and qualified. For example, many DPs also edit, and many location sound mixers also… mix and master.

RESOURCES! During a crisis like this, our freelance colleagues may need to get creative and utilize different resources to land jobs or generate income. We’ve sourced a few great resources and would encourage you to share them out to your network as well.

COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resource

Boston Artist Relief Fund

Grants for Artists

COMMUNICATION! Finally, what everyone really wants to know is when the next paycheck is coming in. If you’ve got open invoices on the books, people always appreciate updates regarding any hold ups. Even if it means creating an uncomfortable situation for them, it’s better to communicate the delay than to keep them wondering. We’re all in this together, and open communication will only serve to build trust in your relationship. Remember, this too shall pass, and we’ll be on set again soon eating small bags of Doritos and fighting over who gets to call out “That’s a wrap!”