‘Tis The Season… For Holiday Commercials!

‘Tis the season for holiday commercials, and I’ve collected a few of our my personal favorites to share with you! Lots of time, effort, and creativity went into producing these spots, and they were all created long before the holiday season even began!

Enjoy your walk down memory lane, and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see Anchor Line’s latest holiday commercial that we created with our friends at FuseIdeas for the Maine Lottery.

Best “Classic” Holiday Commercial:

Most Nostalgic Holiday Commercial:

The “Is Someone Cutting Onions Around Here?” Award Goes To:

For Those Who Like To Get The Chills:

Best Feature Film Level Production:

This year, along with the fantastic and creative team at FuseIdeas, we created a sequel to a commercial
we collaborated on in 2018. Here are both, for your viewing pleasure.

Maine Lottery | Warehouse Dash 2018:

Maine Lottery | Dasher Hype 2019

And because we KNOW you want more holiday, here’s one more holiday themed collaboration
with FuseIdeas and Vermont Lottery, hitting the airwaves right now!

Vermont Lottery | The Giver

Want to hear how we get into the Christmas spirit before there’s any lights up or snow on the ground? Drop us a line!