4 Things We Always Consider Before The Shoot

There are many variables and logistics to consider before moving into a production. I’d like to share 4 things that are always at the top of my list.

Audience / Usage

We always consider the audience of any video project. Who is watching it will inform things like the messaging, style, where it will live, and the storytelling mechanism.It is also important to determine how long this video will be in the market. It is a one time promotion, or is it evergreen content? Usage will not only determine the copy but also the budget for talent rights and music licensing.


When is this due? We want to be sure that your project has the attention it deserves and the resources it needs to complete it on time. If your due date is tied to an event or holiday, that is important information to share with us.

Length/Running Time

Pre-roll, broadcast television, Instagram, Facebook stories… all mediums have different restrictions for running times. Depending on where the video will live, we may be limited to certain video lengths.


It certainly isn’t all about the money, but knowing the budget up front will help organize the funds appropriately and ensure you get the most value for your investment. Is it more important to add in 3D animation to your project, or should we allocate more funds to a custom music track or supremely talented actors? If you don’t have a specific budget, or don’t know what video should cost, we are happy to offer guidance! In the meantime, you can learn more about budgeting and estimating in this vlog by our Executive Producer, Adam Flaherty: