How to Use a Teaser Video to Pique Interest

The average attention span of human being probably clocks in at around one nanosecond… and spoiler alert: you can’t say much in ONE SECOND, let alone a fraction of one.

With much of the content we create, we live by the philosophy of “shorter is better.” If you can tell a strong story in a short amount of time, that’s a win. But what happens when your message requires a longer-form video, but you are concerned about viewers scrolling right past it?

I’ll tell you what happens… Anchor Line creates a teaser video.

We’ll work with you to determine a quick summary or “hook” that will pique your audience’s attention. If the content of that teaser is compelling to the viewer, they’re likely to click through and view for the full video in its native form on your website social media platform.

By pushing them to the longer-form content, you can start to collect some usable traffic analytics, and you can incorporate a specific call-to-action (or even try multiple!). Exciting, right?

PRO TIP: Creating a teaser doesn’t have a big impact on your budget, AND creating an additional piece of content provides more SEO opportunities! For your viewing pleasure, here’s an example of how this concept works, demonstrated with some powerful video content that we just crafted with Saltwater Collective for Wentworth-Douglass Hospital:


Long Form:

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