Forming a Video Strategy Can Improve Results (And Here’s How!)

The members of our company frequently attend events centered around digital marketing. We find that there’s valuable information on latest trends, new technology and services, and they are generally good networking opportunities. Video is usually mentioned frequently in keynotes and break out sessions, and we find that many companies are led to believe that the more video content you generate, the better.

I’m not here to dispel a myth.

Video content is very important to your marketing. Video helps tell a quick visual story more efficiently than a few paragraphs of text, it can create a connection with a potential customer, or it can get someone excited about your new product before it hits market.

I AM here to say “Please! Don’t make content for the sake of content!”

There are a zillion interesting statistics about how effective video is when used properly on the web. Many companies see those stats and jump right into content creation without considering a strategy. We believe that’s a mistake.

A video strategy doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating. It starts with a goal, and then establishes a plan to achieve that goal. It doesn’t have to be correct. You’re not a fortune-teller! (Sorry, was that presumptuous?)

Your strategy could be as simple as “I’d like this video to increase my sales for this product by 10% within 3 months. In order to reach that goal, I’m going to share it on Facebook and invest $250/week to boost the post.” That may work, or it may not, but at least you’ll have some valuable information when those 3 months are up that can inform your approach to the next video.

In the video below, our client, Franchise Consultant Kim Daly discusses how she uses video in her business, and the value she has experienced in working with our team at Anchor Line. Each time we work together, Kim comes in prepared with a plan that she’s ready to execute, and her video content works.

It’s not just that she’s good (which she is)…

…it’s that she goes into each project with a plan, and she’s strategic about the timing and placement of her videos, too. And because of that, she sees results.

Do you desperately need to create video content, but you aren’t sure how to best get results? We’ve got you covered. We’d love to discuss your project and help you to land on a strategy that gives your video content the best chance of success. Say hello today!