Hypnotist Paul Ramsay’s Many Uses of Video

We’ve had a handful of irons in the fire with Hypnotist Paul Ramsay for several years now. Paul is a professional certified hypnotist with several important components of his business.

Paul is a stage hypnotist, offering entertainment shows a colleges and high schools around the country. He’s smart, funny, clever, and relatable to the students, and they have a great time with him. Additionally, he offers motivational presentations, corporate sessions, and one-on-one hypnotism for making positive changes in your life. And he’s good… really good. But like any business, Paul needs to promote his services. Schools, businesses, (and those who want to quit chewing their nails!) need to know that Paul exists.

Paul uses video in many ways. He has brought us on to capture his entertainment shows and motivational presentations at both colleges and high schools. He’s great at documenting these events. He gets that if he’s going to be hired by a school where he hasn’t been before, that they need to see what he looks like on stage, how he relates to the students, and their reaction to him. After all, if the school is going to spend entertainment dollars to bring him in to perform, he better be entertaining… and he better be unique! Video, as Paul explains in the clip below, allows potential clients to see exactly what they get if they want to work with his brand.

Additionally, as Paul hinted early on in the video, he uses video during his entertainment shows as a hypnotic tool. We’ve had fun creating mesmerizing imagery that helps facilitate the hypnotic state that Paul encourages at his shows. But this is only the tip of the iceberg for Paul Ramsay. He also uses video in an online webinar series where he interviews business professionals via Google+ Hangouts, and puts the videos onto YouTube to increase SEO and drive traffic to his website. The guy isn’t messing around! We love crossing paths with him, helping him to grow his business, can working behind the scenes to capture him doing what he is best at.

Check him out:

Paul Ramsay, Professional Hypnotist
Paul on Google+