The Restaurant Industry: Getting Creative With Video

I’ve had the chance to work with Boston-based b.good on several projects in the past few weeks. From the first time I met Co-Founder Jon Olinto, for whom I was capturing a video testimonial for Linear Retail Properties, I knew that we would hit it off. The company has a great concept… “real food made by people, not factories,” and they pride themselves on being a “fast food” option that you can feel good about. Their vegetables, beef, and chicken come from local farms, they grind their meat and shred their potatoes in house for their french fries, and they have a big, colorful rack of produce in their Burlington store from which they grab vegetables and slice them up for salads and as toppings for their burgers.

b.good has been using videos in a handful of ways lately. Just in the last few weeks, we’ve produced content for their customers to view on their website, segments for potential franchise buyers, and training materials for new employees. These guys understand how powerful video is… and the more creative you get with it, the more you’ll get out of it. Have a look at what the other Co-Founder Anthony Ackil has to say about why video is important to his business:

Check these guys out online. They thrive on involvement and input from their fans, so head over to their website and Facebook page and become part of their “family.” And don’t forget to tell them how much you love their videos!

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