How Video Provides “Interaction” That Paper Can’t Match

I’ve had several opportunities recently to collaborate with Jimmy Wahlberg, brother of Mark (actor, director), Donnie (singer, performer), and 6 other successful siblings who are scattered across the country. Jimmy is the Executive Director of brother Mark’s charitable foundation, the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. As Jimmy has explained it to me, the kids were raised in a very modest household, and their mother instilled in them at a young age the value and importance of giving back. When Mark began seeing success in the entertainment industry, he and Jimmy started the foundation with the mission of providing opportunities to the young people of Greater Boston where they too grew up, and all over the country.

My first interaction with Jimmy was a few months back at the foundation’s annual Christmas Party in Tewksbury, MA. I learned a lot about their goals, and it was uplifting to see how, through the family’s generosity, coupled with amazing donations from companies like Timberland, The Taco Bell Foundation, and Dignity U Wear (among others!), these kids were able to really experience the spirit of Christmas– and be warm and stylish at the same time!

More recently, Jim pulled me in for a shoot with another organization he consults and handles marketing for– Treatment Solutions Network. We captured stories from many of their staff members about their roles in the foundation, and reflections on devoted young people who have inspired them. After the shoot, Jimmy shared with me the value of being able to SEE the staff members, and HEAR the real stories, and why that’s so much more impactful than reading a paragraph on a piece of paper. “It’s one thing to read information. It’s a whole other thing to look right in somebody’s eyes and hear them share a particular story or provide you with specific information. I think there’s a connection and it’s far more personal.”

Jimmy’s a great guy with a lot of irons in the fire. He’s clearly passionate about what he does, and I’m looking forward to our next project together.

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