Trek Wallis Sands Triathlon 2012

A couple of weeks ago, Anchor Line had the pleasure of documenting this year’s annual Trek Portsmouth Wallis Sands Triathlon in Rye, New Hampshire. As we pulled up to the coast at about 6:45 in the morning, Mother Nature had quite the scene prepared for us. Where we were expecting rain, we were instead treated to one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen. The entire sky was illuminated an impossible vibrant pink and I couldn’t help but lose myself staring off into the horizon. The scenery alone would have been enough to make my day, but the reason we were there was to shoot footage for a video that will be used to promote next year’s event. I hesitate to say that my job is easy, but when you enjoy your work as much as I do, it’s difficult to not think that way sometimes.

From the moment I started shooting, it was like I was capturing the perfect moment every minute. The beach was filled with so many inspiring people that it would have been a challenge to not get amazing footage. There were people of all different ages, sizes, and shapes, and they were all just as (probably much more actually) excited to be there as I was. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to be present at this event. The dedication and hard work of these athletes was so inspiring to me, that I am seriously considering training for next year’s triathlon, despite my lack of athleticism.

I just finished the first edit of the video and I am extremely pleased with how it came out. It sounds like a really tough task when you explain what it is that you’re doing. Okay, take this two plus hours of footage and edit it down to a two minute video that perfectly captures the mood and energy of that day. It almost sounds impossible. I really couldn’t even explain to someone my process for producing a video like that. It’s almost like there’s some sort of other force that’s just guiding my brain, picking the right clips to use, the right music, the right soundbites. And slowly, I see it come together. I see that day start to be recreated in front of my eyes and it just…flows.

I cannot stress enough how important the creative process is. Everyone has some sort of artistic outlet and it’s essential that you pursue and refine it. There’s absolutely nothing like the feeling of completing a project, and being excited to share it with others. The race director, Stephanie Ridge, came to us because she wanted us to create a video that conveyed what the Wallis Sands Triathlon is all about. It’s a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience, all while experiencing some of the best  scenery New Hampshire has to offer. I’m very confident that I captured all that in the video. Hope you enjoy it!

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