Selling Trade Shows Through Video

We’ve been hired several times in the last few months to produce promotional videos for events like trade shows and conferences. Companies like Highliner Events who market their trade shows to potential exhibitors both online and through print mailings, are hiring us to bring a camera to a trade show event that they’re putting on, and document it in HD.

What do I mean by “document it?”
you might ask.

I mean shooting the event from every angle possible. I want to capture the look and feel of the venue where it’s being hosted. (Most recently, a marine-related tradeshow which was hosted in a large rustic warehouse on the waterfront.) This will let exhibitors know what to expect when they decide to register next year.

I mean capturing the interactions between exhibitors and attendees. It’s important from an ROI standpoint that exhibitors will make connections, and ultimately make sales. What’s the point of attending if you can’t sell your product or service?

I mean capturing interviews with exhibitors about their experience at the trade shows. I want to know if they’ve had meaningful conversations and have generated any good leads. AND, capturing a few comments from the executives who are putting the show on about what makes a good exhibitor, what types of businesses benefit from the show, what kinds of unique products are being sold, and who the visitor audience is.

Then, it’s cutting all of the footage (about an hour and a half total), down to a 5 minute promotional piece that’s glued together with some good music, integration of the show’s branding elements, and some creativity. The goal? To get new potential exhibitors excited to register for next year’s show (and to give the current exhibitors a promotional bump, too!)

What better way to accomplish all this than with professionally produced video?

That’s a rhetorical question. (And yes, I will update this blog entry when the promo video is complete!)