Meet Jimmy Cook, Anchor Line’s New Intern

To start off, my name is Jimmy Cook. I was born and raised in New Hampshire. Growing up, I was always interested in sports. When I got into high school I became interested in freestyle BMX. It quickly became a passion of mine, and with that I discovered a love for video.

I first saw videos online of BMX riders doing stunts and thought that looks really fun. Then once I started getting more interested in the freestyle BMX world, I found that the use of video played an important role in this sport. Just like anything else, people were using the internet to get recognized or to just share what they do with the world. As I explored the sport online more, I saw the creativity in the production and editing of the video. I was hooked right away and knew that this was something I wanted to do.

Once I was hooked with the video aspect of BMX, I wanted to explore video and how it’s used in other ways. I really got interested in movies and how much time and effort goes into the filming and editing. I saw that a big part of a movie, or any video for that matter, is storytelling. The techniques used throughout the production process affect the outcome tremendously. Different angles, lighting, color, scenery, etc. all make a difference in the way the viewer portrays the video.

Right after high school, I came to a point in my life where I had to ask myself, “what do I want do with my life?” I took a year off to assess what I was passionate about (and what I was good at) so that I didn’t rush into something that I may not enjoy. I finally realized what I wanted to do. The one thing I was always interested in learning more about and always wanted to improve on was video. I’ve always heard about the convenience of earning an online degree, but wondered how I could learn about all aspects of video production online. Then I found Full Sail University. Full Sail is located in Florida, and I wasn’t particularly interested in moving South. Their website, however, listed everything I was looking for: an all-encompassing Digital Cinematography program that I could complete without having to move. I am now entering my third academic year at Full Sail University, and I am enjoying it very much.

So what does this have to do with Anchor Line?

Well, while doing research on local production companies for a school project, I found Anchor Line based here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Living just around the corner in Dover, I had to check it out. Once I finished my project, I continued to browse the Anchor Line website and saw a very good business and some well-produced video content. I decided to e-mail Adam Flaherty about an internship opportunity. I was excited that he was interested in the idea. I came to the office and we discussed what I was looking for and how we could each benefit from the internship, and the rest is history.

Working here at Anchor Line means a chance for me to help Adam with his growing business in any way I can, and a chance for me to gain some hands on experience with the field that I look to pursue once I’m done with school. I would like to thank Adam for this exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to acquiring as much knowledge as possible from him.