Salt Cellar Produces Salt-Themed Video Series

One of the biggest benefits of moving into our office space at 16 Sheafe Street in Portsmouth (drop in!) is that we’re establishing relationships with lots of other businesses downtown. I recently made friends with Don & Judit Tydeman, the owners of the Salt Cellar, just around the corner on Commercial Alley. They sell all things salt… from finishing salts to flavor your foods to Himalayan salt tiles for cooking, to salt dishware, to bath and body products.

Their shop is incredibly cool. Their concept is unique (and a rising trend). They are growing quickly, and want to be looked to as the authority on salt. This means that their business requires a strong web presence, and they understand that video is a key part of that.

At the same time, many of their walk-in customers ask the same questions about their products, and they wanted professional video content that could be shown in their shop which would answer some of those questions and draw in their customers (and hopefully increasing sales).

Together with Don and Judit, we produced a series of videos which would (hopefully) accomplish both of these things for them. The segments include an introduction to finishing salts, and several videos centered around how to cook with, and care for your salt tile.

Don has reported to me that they’re getting great feedback from making the videos available on YouTube, and we’re working with them to maximize exposure by hosting it in various places across the web and tagging it appropriately so that they get the most “bang for their buck.” We’re already discussing the next project, and very much looking forward to collaborating with them again!

Check it out:
Salt Cellar
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