Corporate Events, HD Video, And Why I Hate The Phrase “The Most Bang For Your Buck.”

Yep, it’s true. I’ve always thought it was kind of a ridiculous phrase. It seems like there’s gotta be a better way to say it. “Stretching your dollar?” Doesn’t quite cover it. “Maximizing your ROI?” Sure, a business person might know what that means… I suppose until someone offers up a better suggestion, (and it catches on), we’re stuck with getting the most “Bang” for our “Bucks.” Absurdity aside, it’s an important concept, especially when budgets are still universally tight.

At Anchor Line, we’re hired frequently to cover corporate events. Sometimes it’s as simple as a single camera in the back of a room locked down on a speaker at a podium. Other times, it’s multi-camera videography which includes wide angles, close-ups, audience reactions, Q&A sessions, etc. Whatever the scenario, we’ve probably shot it.

One of my favorite clients, Mad*Pow, brought me down to their Healthcare Experience Design Conference in Boston, and requested that I “document the day.” No schedule of when to be, and where. I love this kind of freedom, and I love that they trust me to do my thing. They had multiple rooms reserved, and each room already had an A/V person shooting the presentations for archival purposes, and for sharing on the web. (Good plan, Mad*Pow!) This gave me the flexibility to mill around all day and get some really creative b-roll footage of the audience totally engaged in the presentations, the overall culture of the event, and probably most importantly, to capture Mad*Pow’s presence. More specifically, their team members speaking one-on-one with the attendees and presenters, their interactive (and impressive!) booth setup, and their branding… everywhere I turned. Additionally, I collected short interviews and sound bytes from attendees about what they took away from the conference.

THEY knew that capturing all of this from the outside, almost as an observer, would be worth its weight in gold. I believe that it presents Mad*Pow as well-respected experts in their field (and Healthcare is only ONE of their areas of Experience Design expertise!).

These guys get it. The event was a time investment, (months and months of planning), an emotional investment, and a monetary investment, and it went off without a hitch. And they made sure that every aspect, from the presentations themselves, to the food, the free massage stations, and the implicit value to the attendees, was captured. Way to go, Mad*Pow!

Check them out:

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