Music Videos on a Budget: A Conversation with Ben Kweller

Being both a musician and a video enthusiast for years, I’ve always had an appreciation for the many ways that singer songwriters and full bands alike can use music videos as a way to supplement their art. A music video can perfectly complement a song, or completely change the way you’ve always perceived it. With the rise of social media and blogs, many musicians are taking advantage of video as a tool for connecting with their fans on a new level.

I’ve admired Ben Kweller for over ten years now (whoa!) and first met him around the time “Sha Sha” came out. I’ve crossed paths with him a bunch over the years at various shows, and he took time out of a ridiculously busy schedule to chat with me about how he has used video over the years. He’s done professionally produced music videos, do-it-yourself music videos on a shoestring budget, electronic press kits, contest announcements, and an entertaining web series series called “One Minute Pop Song” (see below) which grants his fans a look behind the scenes of recording, touring, and his home life. Because Ben uses video in such a variety of ways, I thought he’d be a great candidate to shed some light on why its important for musicians to use this medium. Enjoy our Skype conversation!



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