Meet Zach Cusson, Anchor Line’s New Project Manager

Hello, everyone! My name is Zach and I am the new project manager at Anchor Line. I’m a recent graduate of Emerson College with a major in broadcast journalism. Cameras are something I simply fell in love with in school. Now, I am absolutely ecstatic to be seeing new places and meeting new people through the lens of my camera.

I’ve been involved with television and video for the past four years now. In those four years, I’ve been apart of a very wide variety of content. I’ve shot, edited, and been the talent for more news packages than I can remember, I’ve produced two television shows, I’ve shot for a web series, I worked for the National Communication Association this past year in New Orleans, I’ve shot promotional videos for Emerson, I’ve been a camera operator for a live awards show, I’ve done sports and debate shows, and I covered both the 82nd and 83rd annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

I am an extremely dedicated person and I like to surround myself with other people who are just as dedicated to a common goal. This opportunity is the beginning of my professional career and I will do everything in my power to deliver quality results to those that ask for it. I look forward to working with you, whoever you are!